What is the advantages of rosemary extract used as a natural antioxidant?

Rosemary extract is a natural antioxidant extracted from the rosemary dried leaves.It’s widely used in edible oil, beverages, snack food, pet food, aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, natural pigments, tobacco and so on. 
Here is a list of a few advantages of the rosemary extract.
*Safe, Non-Toxic
*Superior oxidation resistance: its antioxidant effect is 1—6 times more than BHA and BHT in a variety of edible oil.
Stable High Temperature Resistance:  stable performance, resists high temperatures above  240 degrees and maintains antioxidant effect for long time.
Bacteriostasis:  inhibits aspergillus flavus, escherichia coli and other 25 species of 
*Lower Blood Lipids, Prevent Hypertension And Atherosclerosis: inhibits increasing of cholesterol content in the blood and liver, prevent high blood lipids, coronary heart disease an-d atherosclerosis.
Anti-Oxidation, Delay Senility: eliminated from the human body,  metabolism produces excessive free radical, protects cell membranes  structure, delays aging of the human body.

What is the difference between natural and chemosynthetic antioxidants?

Antioxidants are classified into two kinds of natural and chemosynthetic ones according to their sources.
The common chemosynthetic antioxidants include BHA, BHT, PG, TBHQ and so on.The scientific community generally believes that chemosynthetic antioxidants have adverse effect on human health. Chemical Industry Press published the Handbook of food additives "(2009 January 2nd Edition) pointed out: Japan from 1981 through two years test found BHA of rat stomach carcinogenesis, so from May 1982 ordering BHA in directly edible foods are not allowed to use. In addition, the European community child protection group BHA is not used for infant food. BHT was originally used as an antioxidant in oil and rubber products, it has been reported that BHT can inhibit the activity of human respiratory enzymes and can cause tumors.
Natural antioxidants are widely welcomed by people because of its safe, non-toxic, and is a natural ingredient extracted from plants.

What is an antioxidant?

Antioxidant is one of the food additives that prevents or delays the food from oxidation to prolong its shelf life.
Perishable food in addition to the role of microbial spoilage, oxygen and air will occur oxidation reaction, resulting in food fat spoiled, faded, browned, flavor changed inferior and vitamin damaged etc., even harmful substances, thereby reducing the quality and nutritional value of food, eating this kind of food sometimes can cause food poisoning, endangering human health.
Two methods are used to prevent the occurrence of oxidative deterioration of food, such as the physical method and the chemical method. The physical method is to handle the process of food raw materials to the final product with low temperature, away from light, oxygen insulation or nitrogen-filled packaging method. Chemical method is to add antioxidants in food.